Saturday, March 25, 2017

Barn Remodel Week 5 and 6

We got the back side of the barn done!  Replaced the upper vent with a window and re-attached the rain spouting.  The only mishap was one nail out of the nail gun missed a board, went inside the barn, where it ricocheted off a wine barrel and shattered a window pane from the inside.  But we got it fixed and all looks good now.

Now we will work on taking the old silo down!

Sadly there will be a bit of break in the barn progress, as we are waiting for warmer weather to stain the remaining boards for the front of the barn. Hoping for May to get this done.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Barn Remodel Week 4 - Windows! (and Lower Side)

A lot of progress was made this week:  the entire lower side (above the crush pad) was covered in boards and battens, and we put in three large windows where the old hay doors used to be.  We also added a window next to the entrance door on the upper side and four large windows were framed in on the back side!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Barn Remodel Week 3 - Overhead Door

We finally got an overhead door for the lower level of the barn.  It had to be custom built to fit between the barn posts and the stone wall.  Installation was a bit tricky as well, because nothing in the old barn is actually level, nor plumb.  So kudos to the crew that managed to install the door and have it pretty much airtight.  It will be so helpful to move crates of grapes and empty tanks through this door come harvest season!