Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tea Party!

Fiona turned three years old this week, and she had one of her birthday parties at the farm - on Valentines Day!  We were all very excited  - well, the ladies and princesses at least were excited -  to plan a "tea party", complete with fancy clothes, lots of necklaces and hats that we decorated during the party.  We are all hoping that this is the first of many little girl's birthday "tea parties".

We used some of Tina's demitasse collection for our teacups along with the small bread plates from one of the china sets.  Jigglers were served in fancy containers, fruit was arranged on skewers, pretty cookies were served on platters and we had baked an assortment of tiny cupcakes which were decorated with colorful icing.

The room was decorated with streamers and balloons and Samantha turned one of the high chairs into a birthday throne with the help of a lot of satiny fabric  and tulle - in shades of pink with a bit of a zebra print accent!

It was such a blast - we all played dress-up, old and young alike - and it was hard to tell who enjoyed it most:

Toben and Omi
Rachel enjoys her tea

Tina and Opa
Gracie and Toben

Adelaide models one of
the decorated hats
Fiona admires one of her
presents: a tiny purse

Saturday, February 7, 2015

1st Steps of a New Driveway

One of our goals for this year is getting a real driveway to access the barn.  Turns out that this is not as easy of a process as we initially thought.  Since we are located on a state road, PennDOT has to approve the access and verify sufficient sight distances in both directions.  The first step was to get an engineering firm to help draft plans to submit to PennDOT, and also contracting with an excavating company to clear out trees and tree stumps to gain access.  Last month both of those projects got started- and ever since then, it has been snowing, so progress has stalled for now.